Creighton University Opens $17 Million Residence Hall for Jesuits | Education

A new study examines several possibilities for Omaha’s core.

The ground has been laid for a $17 million residency for Jesuits at Creighton University.

The building, which will have nearly 37,800 square feet of space, will bear the name of Résidence des Jésuites Jérôme Nadal, SJ. The residence will be located along 24th Street at the eastern end of Jesuit Gardens, behind Creighton Hall and St. John’s Catholic Church.

Scheduled to open in the fall of 2023, the residence will include 28 rooms for Jesuits assigned to Creighton to live and work. The building will also include a 1,015 square foot chapel, a dining hall, a library and several spaces for spiritual activities.

A rendering of the Creighton Jesuit residence.


Students, faculty, staff, alumni, and individuals and groups will be able to access the building for Mass, spiritual counseling, and other mission-based programs.

“This new residence is a symbol of our deep commitment to maintaining and strengthening the Catholic and Jesuit character of Creighton for future generations of students, faculty and staff,” Creighton President Daniel Hendrickson said in a statement. Press release.

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The building will be named after Jerome Nadal, SJ, a 16th-century Spanish Catholic priest who was a close associate of the canonized Saint Ignatius of Loyola. Nadal founded the Jesuit College of Messina in Italy in 1548. It was the first college opened by the Jesuits.

The Jesuit residence building project is part of Creighton’s $650 million Forward Blue fundraising campaign.

The building is one of several facilities slated to open next year at Creighton’s Omaha campus. The $75 million CL Werner Center for Health Sciences Education and a $37 million residence hall for freshmen are also slated to open in 2023.