Deputy Minister Botes visits Chile to strengthen bilateral relations

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The purpose of the visit is to review the progress of bilateral relations since the seventh Joint Consultative Mechanism (JCM) and to define priorities for bilateral and multilateral cooperation in the future.

Deputy Minister Botes will co-chair the policy consultations with his Chilean counterpart and participated in a business forum meeting with the Chile-South Africa Chamber of Industry, Commerce and Tourism.

South Africa and Chile enjoy warm and cordial diplomatic relations. Both countries share values ​​such as commitment to democracy, human rights, peaceful conflict resolution, multilateralism and respect for the rule of international law.

Bilateral relations are anchored primarily through the JCM, chaired at the vice-ministerial level, and the Joint Trade and Investment Commission (JTIC), which operates at the senior official level.

South Africa is Chile’s main trading and investment partner on the African continent, with significant and growing investment between the two countries.

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