FTIFA is looking for new recruits for the Education and Football program – News

Fleetwood Town International Football Academy (FTIFA) is looking for students from all over the world to join their football studies program at Rossall School.

In an ongoing success partnership with the Rossall School, the FTIFA Football Studies Program provides aspiring footballers with on the other side the globe one opportunity to study at an HMC independent school with a tailor-made study programwhile being immersed in a elite football development program, training at Poolfoot Farm, home of the Fleetwood Town first team.

In the past, players have joined this program from 17 different countries, including Russia, Israel, Spain, United Arab Emirates, Poland, Algeria, South Africa, Thailand, Germany, the United States, Brazil, the Cayman Islands, China, Australia, Hong Kong, Ukraine, and the United Kingdom

Students board and study at Rossall School for either GCSE, BTEC, ALevels or IB Diploma, onside training in a full-time training and games program offered by Fleetwood Town Football Club. Students are all between the ages of 15 and 19 and will be on the program for 1 to 3 years, according to their school year.

The current program brings together individuals of all levels and from 17 different nationalities, which creates a unique and motivating learning environment for players and coaching staff.

FTIFA Program Manager Mick Horsfall said: “The growth of the program, in terms of numbers as well as the quality of the players, is a testament to the hard work and dedication of the staff who have worked there over the past 5-6 years.

Players are going through a pre-season period and have the chance to show off their abilities while preparing for the game, while learning to understand the demands of the English game. We are extremely excited for the rest of the season have how the students growing up throughout, as players and as individuals.”

A former student of Duabi, Yacoub Basweidanenjoyed every minute as a student-athlete and said: The experience was amazing.

“Thes was a marked increase in the levels of Fsoccer Pprogram here at Rossall having brought in talented new players from around the world. The team performed extremely well during the pre-seasonIincluding a well-contested game against Fleetwood U16s where Rossall triumphed.

“If a budding young footballer wants to gain experience while studying, this program is for you!”

For more information on the FTIFA Football Studies Program, click HERE!