Lucerna Health and Redpoint Global Partner to Transform Healthcare Consumerism

JACKSONVILLE, Fla.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Lucerne Health today highlights the results of the customer-centric transformation with Sanitas USA, a leading multinational healthcare organization with more than 8 million patients worldwide. Together, Lucerna’s health data platform, analytics and engagement solutions and Redpoint Global omnichannel personalization solutions are helping to drive Sanitas’ growth and patient engagement to new heights. Through these integrated solutions, Lucerna runs highly personalized and relevant patient outreach campaigns on behalf of Sanitas, connecting patients and physicians, optimizing provider capacity and prioritizing provider availability for segments. high-value, high-needs patients. Starting with high value segments, 40% of provider patient visits and 45% of patient adoption of Sanitas digital and telehealth products are directly attributed to Lucerna campaigns. Additionally, patient growth through patient acquisition campaigns was achieved at a cost per lead that was 60% lower than industry benchmarks.

Lucerna’s deep payer and provider operational expertise, combined with its data management platform and enablement solutions, and Redpoint’s omnichannel personalization, deliver a single integrated solution for organizations. healthcare companies looking to advance in their digital transformation and consumer journeys. Since its implementation, Sanitas has engaged 86% of patients with chronic conditions to select and engage with a primary care provider and 75% of established patients have completed their annual wellness visit – significant metrics that will have a direct impact on value-based care outcomes. Increased and detailed patient satisfaction and NPS patient feedback show that Lucerna is also generating actionable consumer insights supporting key operational process improvements.

“Lucerna’s data platform and services have enabled us to more effectively engage with our patients by supporting our successful journey in the U.S. market, achieving our goals for growth, digital transformation, operational and patient-based care. on value,” said Dr. Juan Estrada, CEO of Sanitas. First aid. “The ability to customize and orchestrate large-scale communication programs, in a complex operational environment, has been instrumental in prioritizing all patient outreach activities. Lucerna’s coordination with our operational teams to support patients in need is also key to improving our value-based approach to care.

Healthcare organizations like Sanitas need constant access to relevant data to meet consumer expectations for personalized experiences and to guide consumers more effectively through dynamic journeys. Data management and strategic guidance is needed to educate consumers, acquire new members/patients, deliver omnichannel experiences, coordinate care between payers and providers, reduce care gaps, navigate among providers, and improve chronic disease management.

Technology and strategy for the next evolution of Healthcare CX

Although there is an awareness in the market of the need for digital transformation, its implementation in healthcare is still somewhat nascent. There is a large population of payers and providers who are looking for strategic advice and practical help on how best to use a customer data platform (CDP) like rgOne and Lucerna’s data platform as a catalyst for substantial change in their organization.

“Lucerna Health is focused on supporting healthcare organizations of all types to achieve the desired outcome, delivering value at every step. They meet organizations where they are at in their journey and guide them towards delivering high-performance, value-based care and personalization,” said Dale Renner, president and CEO of Redpoint Global. “The payer and healthcare providers need to be clear about the purpose of their investment in digital transformation, where it fits with previous technology investments, and how they will use technology to drive results. Expertise de Lucerna helps our joint customers succeed as they take a long-term view of deployment, adoption and continuous improvement.

“Driven by value-based care initiatives and growing demands for customer experience, investments in healthcare are at an all-time high,” said Craig Thomas, CEO and co-founder of Lucerna Health. “The broad customer experience capabilities implemented in healthcare today support a complex set of interrelated processes. Designing and building our integrated technology solution and support services from the payers’ and providers’ internal operating environments has enabled us to deliver practical solutions that operators appreciate and efficiently deliver the desired results. Together with Redpoint, we give leading healthcare organizations like Sanitas the tools, services and support to integrate processes to focus on creating value rather than managing complexity.

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About Sanitas

Sanitas USA is a subsidiary of Keralty, a leading multinational healthcare organization serving more than 8 million people, with operations in Spain, United States, Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, Brazil, in Indonesia and the Philippines. Sanitas also includes educational and social organizations that complement its global health mission. In the United States, Sanitas has 60 medical centers in Florida, Tennessee, Texas and New Jersey, working closely with major local health insurance organizations. Sanitas brings a unique integrated care model that improves access to quality and culturally appropriate primary and urgent care while reducing the total cost of care. For more information, visit

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