NSB Partners with Department of Education to Launch SDG Project “English is Simple” – The Island

To mark its 25th anniversary, SDB Bank, one of the key players in the SME banking landscape in Sri Lanka, organized a number of events across its branch network, in line with its values ​​and vision of coming. While SDB Bank remains fundamentally true to its founding principles to this day, its philosophy and raison d’être have grown and evolved over time. Today, SDB Bank has evolved into a futuristic, value-driven, cutting-edge and contemporary bank with a key strategic focus on the areas of SME development, women empowerment and sustainable development. digital inclusion.

To commemorate the historic milestone of 25 years of service, SDB Bank conducted several activities. Most notably, as part of scaling up positive climate action, SDB Bank inaugurated a large-scale ecosystem restoration initiative with a pilot project launched at Dewahandiya East Village in Ududumbara to restore 25 hectares of degraded land ( where tobacco was previously grown), adjoining the Victoria-Sanctuary of Randenigala-Rantembe (VRR). This pilot project will help 90 families adapt to the effects of climate change, helping them diversify their income by growing meat substitutes such as jackfruit and 09 other herbs/superfoods including Bael fruit and Indian gooseberry.

The project is implemented through a multi-stakeholder participatory model involving the community, relevant government agencies, including the Department of Wildlife Conservation, Department of Forestry, Central Province Department of Agriculture and the Department of export agriculture, while technical advice for the project is provided. by partners such as IUCN and SLYCAN Trust. The first planting of the pilot project took place on August 24, 2022. Central Province Governor Lalith U Gamage was the guest of honor at the event, while SDB Bank Chairman Dinithi Ratnayake the members of the Bank’s Board of Directors, Acting CEO of SDB Bank, Niranjan Thangarajah and members of SDB Bank’s management team were also present, along with representatives of key project stakeholder groups .

Turning 25 years old, SDB Bank is strongly positioned, financially and in terms of expertise, experience and other resources, to sustainably fuel economic development in Sri Lanka, with a particular focus on the SME sector. . SDB Bank has partnered with prestigious global financiers and organizations who share its vision of a self-reliant and equitable society. In the current environment, creating new economic opportunities for all Sri Lankans and supporting export-oriented businesses, as well as businesses that create value for Sri Lanka, are priority areas for the Bank. Together with like-minded partners, SDB Bank pursues its goal and vision to develop Sri Lanka’s SME sector, with a focus on female entrepreneurship.