Relations between Elizabeth II and the Jews of the United Kingdom

(JTA) – The reign of Britain’s longest-serving Queen Elizabeth II, who died Thursday at the age of 96, reflects the pain and redemption of British Jewry in the 20th century as well as British foreign society. included in its development. Insiders and personalities.

The Queen’s death, surrounded by her children and grandchildren, has sparked widespread grief and uncertainty among Britons, already troubled by their exit from a struggling economy and political turmoil. Federation European and a quick succession of three prime ministers.

Among other things, the life of Elizabeth The century has gone through many great wars, the advent of the Internet and the coronavirus pandemic. COVID-19[feminine],

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He inherited the throne in 1952, followed by a series of hasty transfers across the British Empire, including the expulsion of UK Of Palestine President in 1948, which led to the creation of state of israel,

In the glow of post-war defeat fascismLassi the monarchy seemed more and more outdated over time, but Isabella He oversaw a transition to symbolism that maintained the pomp and prestige of the crown in British society.

loss leaders the Jews British He echoed sentiments expressed Thursday by dignitaries and presidents around the world.

“No words can fully describe the magnitude of our country’s loss,” he said. Board of British Jewish Deputies This is a statement.

“Wisdom, charity and devotion to duty” they are glory He was an inspiration to generations of British citizens, including our community. May his memory be blessed.

Ephraim Mirvisthe current Chief Rabbi of Empire unidoTold Isabella is appreciated Jewish community in the countries he ruled.

“We remember with great admiration that he had a warm relationship with community Beans With a special commitment to interreligious links and memories Holocaust“, he said in a video message posted on social networks.

“I remember that on one occasion he showed me and my wife some interesting and the Jews in your personal collection windsor castleincluding a roll of Log saved from Czechoslovakia during Holocausthis love for her countryside Jewish It was profound and his respect for our values ​​was evident.”

Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor In 1926 y. is born in UK in which the Jews they are rich in East End of LondonNot far from the palace where he would grow up when his father ascended the throne 10 years later.

after being expelled from UK After a series of massacres in 1290, the Jews They were welcomed into the country at the end of the 17th century, but were not yet fully assimilated.

in childhood Isabellaloss the Jews prominently among the cultural and commercial elite of the country: two years before his birth, Harold Abraham He became a hero for Britain’s children when he won gold in athletics 1924 Olympics,

But he was also sidelined in a country where there were brownshirt supporters. adolphe Hitler they walk independently UK entered the war, and where conservatism the Jews as crude and greedy as they were so ubiquitous and informal that they regularly appeared in secrets AGATHA Christie,

antisemitism British It remained in place after the war, as described in a recently aired series.

the youth Isabella depicts these tensions: his uncle, Edward VIIIabdicated from the throne to marry an American, and soon he and his wife, Wallis simpsonthey became friends HitlerMeanwhile, her husband’s mother FelipePrincess Aliciahosted family Beans Feather Athens in his possession Axis,

loss windsorperhaps pay attention to hypothetical assumptions that British Descended from a lost tribe, he circumcised his sons, which was unusual at the time.

The practice among royalty predates the belief that circumcision could be medically beneficial by at least a century. Isabellawho wanted a professional to do the job, hired one MOIL called Jacob Yeti,

recruitment of Yeti Because such a delicate task is characterized by the close relationship between Princess British And that community BeansWhich was retained when he acceded to the throne.

community Beans She sent him birthday wishes shortly after he ascended the throne, and he profusely thanked the then chief rabbi for the message in 1952.

Isabella Eventually, several prominent rabbis were ennobled and two House of Lords(The position of chief rabbi dates back to the 1700s and later spread to various countries and regions colonized by Empire unidoInvolved IrelandThe British Mandate of Palestine You South Africa,

following the advice of British Foreign Officewho sought to improve relations with Arab countries after the defeat of the war 1956 Suez Warwhen UK, France I Israel tried to tame Egypt, Isabella avoids the presence of proximity with Israel for decades.

her husband FelipeIn honor of his late mother, who was considered a righteous gentile, visited the country in 1994 on an informal visit. his grandson, prince Williammade his first official visit to the state earlier in 2018.

The post-war period was a period of increased Jewish inclusion in all areas of British society, including its elite.

the fact that God snow giftsister’s husband IsabellaPrincess margaritaThe Jew was barely registered.

when Princess Dianaciting the infidelity of carlosI tried to divorce, I hired Anthony julesOne of the most eminent lawyers in the country, who was also a student in the story Beans,

for the moment Margaret Thatcher In the 1980s, the number of ministers increased the Jews (five at one time) And in the 2000s, two Jews led the opposition: Michael Howard Served as Conservative Leader from 2003 to 2005 and edward milliband He was the Labor leader from 2010 to 2015.

President of Israel, yitzaki herzogHe called his death “the end of an era”.

“During his long and important reign, the world has changed a lot, while reena It continues to be a symbol of stable and responsible leadership and a symbol of morality, humanity and patriotism. “In his life and in the service of his people, reena He embodied the spirit of integrity, duty and ancestral tradition.

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