Technology and innovation for better education

The fundamental objective of Edutechnia 2022 is to significantly improve the quality of education in Colombia, through the use of new technological tools in terms of academic content, new learning approaches, logistics and administrative processes. , The event will be held at the Gora de Corferias convention center in Bogota on September 7, 8 and 9.

Patricia Acosta Zuletta, CEO of Edutechniaspoke with Impacto TIC about this important event, which will be the first of its kind in Latin America.

What is Edutechnia and what is its main purpose?

We are very happy to have this first edition of EduTechnia, a technology and innovation fair, but for education. It is a fair for education professionals for education professionals which will bring together for 3 days all the technical, administrative and logistical solutions for the education sector.

Regarding the main objective of EduTechnia, it is none other than to move towards a quality education, more inclusive and closer to the innovative experiences that students need in this new hyperconnected global era.

What is the main educational challenge in Colombia and how does edutechny help to face it?

EduTechnia aims to contribute significantly to improving the quality of education and new learning methods in Colombia. If there is one lesson the pandemic has taught us, it is that young people were looking for new tools and new forms of teaching.

Today’s student wants to go beyond lecturing, traditional reading, rote reading, or all of those traditional teaching methods. The new tools offer students and teachers a new landscape and new experiences that result in higher quality, more inclusive and proactive learning.

A fair like Edutechnia, which includes a whole academic program, has not taken place in Latin America and has only taken place in countries such as Australia, Spain and the United Kingdom. So we thought why not Colombia and today we are the leader in our field.

Speaking of the academic agenda, what will EduTechnia offer participants?

We have 2 schedules. With an association of faculty of education, which is in charge of teacher training. Through them, we are launching a national appeal so that they, who are experts, can suggest and establish the needs of the education sector. It includes high-level experts from countries such as Spain and Finland who will share their experiences in education reform.

The second program is made up of technical lectures from exhibition companies who will present their innovative products to improve education. There will be approximately 85 completely free conferences. They only require pre-registration.

What is the technical component of Edutechnia?

Everything in education is related to technology. It is an exhibition of technology and technological solutions for education ranging from the most advanced specialized platforms to advances in physical infrastructure for the education sector such as digital screens, special classrooms , etc.

However, beyond the simple offer of all these new technologies: artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of things and augmented reality, among others, they serve above all as tools to guarantee students a quality education. We can assure you that it is relevant not only to see what is new in education, but also to see and own these new technologies which will undoubtedly improve education and the development of the country.

What can be found in terms of logistics solutions?

Very handy platform such as one that helps to structure the menus of educational institutions and another that helps to streamline administrative functions so that teachers or managers can focus their efforts on quality matters and not on administrative matters .

What are EduTechnia’s business objectives?

It is an offer fair for the education sector. We want deans, administrators and teachers to know about all these solutions so that they can implement them in their respective institutions and thus improve the level of education of their students.

It is the first event in Colombia with these characteristics and therefore we do not have defined parameters, but thanks to the quality of the exhibitors and the solutions, an abundant number of commercial transactions are expected.

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