Unicaja Banco SA: The Edufinet project launches the 14th Conferences on financial education for young people

In order to offer Secondary and Baccalaureate students a clear vision of the economic and financial world

The Edufinet projectpromoted by Unicaja Banco and Unicaja Foundationstarted to IES Severo Ochoa in Grenade the first workshop of a new edition of his Conferences on the financial education of young people, to provide Secondary and Baccalaureate students with a clear vision of the economic and financial world. The Financial Olympics are linked to these workshops.

IES Severo Ochoa High School was chosen to receive the first session of the 14e edition of Conferences on the financial education of young people because it was the winner of the 13e Financial Olympics, the final of which took place in May.

During its 13 editions, this initiative has reached 125,000 participants. Invitations to participate went out to high schools across the country.

The objective of this initiative is to continue teaching the fundamental aspects of economics and finance, paying particular attention to the financial products and services that students use or will use throughout their lives.

Practical workshops of 60 to 90 minutes are delivered, adapted to the needs of young people and addressing topics such as income vs wealth; Gross Domestic Product (GDP); inflation; interest rate; financial system, digital transformation and cybercrime; sustainable finance; term and sight accounts, investment cards and funds; cryptocurrencies; or loans. All the above is explained by analyzing the aspects to take into account in decision-making and evaluating the consequences that these decisions may entail.

The Edufinet Project will also organize during this 2022-2023 school year the Conferences on financial education for students in vocational training and the Workshops on financial education for primary school students.

Edufinet, a pioneering and award-winning initiative

Edufinet was launched at the end of 2007, although its development began in 2005 within Unicaja, with the collaboration of the Universidad Internacional de Andalucía (UNIA) and the University of Malaga (UMA).

Edufinet is supported by 16 universities and more than ten institutions and commercial organizations. Since its launch more than 15 years ago, more than 240,000 people have participated in the various workshops, conferences, courses and seminars it organizes.

Likewise, Edufinet the websites have so far recorded more than 14 million visits, with access from nearly 180 countries. Edufinet offers two additional specific Internet portals: one aimed at young people (Edufinext) and one for business owners and entrepreneurs (Edufiemp).

All this has made Unicaja, one of the first institutions in Spain to launch an initiative of this type, one of the most active agents in the areas of financial education and inclusion, in the exercise its corporate social responsibility (CSR) and the societal commitment of both Unicaja Banco and Fundación Unicaja.